fair food

signature drink

Buzz Flower Vodka Lemonade

Try our 2018 Denver County Fair signature drink! This refreshing drink is garnished with an edible “buzz flower” that produces a temporary tingling or numbing sensation in your mouth. As the tingling and numbing sensation wears off, the drinks flavors and temperature seems to change with every sip!

fair-ly weird food

  • Green Chile Sunday

    Vegetarian, Pork and Red. Served in bowls w/tortillas or on burritos or burgers – Available Sunday Only

  • Pizza

    “Normal” pizza options along with “Weird” ones like: cricket pizza, rocky mountain oyster and banana

  • Donuts

    Fresh baked donuts with a variety of flavors including bacon, cereal and s’mores. New this year is the “Luther” a cheeseburger served on a donut bun.

  • Mac-N-Cheese

    “Unicorn” spicy rainbow mac n cheese, grilled mac n cheese sandwiches and Cheeto mac n cheese.

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